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 A Republic is controlled by Law. It does not control Law. It recognizes the private, independent, sovereign nature of each competent person.  It is representative in its nature.  It recognizes that Law can only be changed by a higher source than government. In it, " collective sovereignty" cannot exist, except with one elected voice. That voice can never interfere with the rights of sovereign individuals.  

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 A "Constitutional Republic" is created and bound by the Law of a Constitution. The U.S. Constitution was, in Law, based on the Bible, the Magna Carta, and The Declaration of Independence. Those documents recognize individual sovereignty, the divine nature of individual creation, and the divine rights to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   

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The far left democrats (Kendra Horn D. Oklahoma 5th congressional District) will have you believe they/she is working for you and the common good by giving away free stuff. As an American we tend to forget the Liberties that Men and Women have fought and died for. America was founded off of a prewritten law, Gods laws.  If you dont believe that take a look in The Bible, read teh 10 commandments and see how they are very simular if not identicle in context.

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The America of our parents is no longer. A value or a time that can no longer exist in this trouble word.  We need your help in may different areas please contact on of the members to see how you can contribute one or more of you TIME, TALENT or TREASUREs

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October 17th meeting time is 7:00pm at Occasions event center  678 Kickapoo Spur St, Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801 

Speaker: State Senator Stephanie Bice and 5th Congressional District Republican candidate.  Come hear her speak. 

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Q: Where are you located?  

A: Currently we do not have a physical office at this moment

Q: Can anyone attend your meetings. 

A:Yes, they are open to the public.  Yes even Democrats, how else can we hlp change their affiliation?

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